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How to Install Fonts Manually

1. On Your Members area page [Click] "Main Downloads"

2. [Click] "Main Package"

3. The Main Package should start downloading


The [Main Package] file should be in your "Downloads" folder.

4. [Right Click] the folder.

5. [Click] "Extract to main_id30509_4" (It should create another folder for your templates).


6. New folder created for your templates



7. [Double Click] the "Fonts" folder



8. To select all fonts: Press "ctrl + a".

9. [Right Click] the fonts selected.

10. [Click] "Copy".



11. [Click] "Start"

12. [Click] "Control Panel"



13. [Click] "Appearance and Personalization"



14. [Click] "Fonts"



15. [Right Click] on a blank space and [Click] "Paste"


You have now installed your fonts manually!

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