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Video Sales Machine - Product Information

Is it customizable?

Yes. For example, you can change the profile section to highlight your production team and help your prospects get to know your services better. Add your logo, tag line and showcase your services. The presentation is as good as it is that only minor customization are needed on your end. Let's say you want to insert your logo, all you have to do is go to View/Slide Master/Footers and change the template with your logo or brand like this:

What are the supported OS/Office applicaton?

We were able to test it on MS PowerPoint 2010, MS PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint for MAC version 2011.


What if I don't have the latest PowerPoint version?

You can go to this link and download a 30-day FREE trial :


What is the recommended format?

We recommend MP4 for best quality rendering of your video sales presentation.


Can I change the audio?

Yes you can. Although we recommend that you use the default voice over since we've designed the product to be a done-for-you system from the get-go. Meaning we made it so easy for you to just insert your brand/logo, include your image, render it and send it to your clients.






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