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Video Sales Machine - Installing Custom Fonts

One of the best feature of Video Sales Machine is the depth of font selection. We've chosen the most sophisticated, modern and professional design to showcase your business effectively.

(Note: It is important to install our font package. Otherwise, your sales presentation won't look as good.)

1) Download your VSM package. You've successfully downloaded your package once you see this icon in "Downloads" folder -- or user-defined destination folder:


2) Unzip the package. You'll see the "Fonts" folder along with your Video Sales Machine presentation:


3) Open the folder. You'll see a list of icons like this:

These are the fonts you have to install.

4) Choose all fonts. Press and hold the "CTRL" button on your keyboard. Then, left-click on each fonts. You'll should be able to highlight them:


5) Mass-install. Right-click on your mouse and choose "Install":



6) Wait for the installation to complete:


7) Check the newly installed fonts under the "Fonts" section of PowerPoint:


Enjoy your copy of Video Sales Machine!


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