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Video Sales Machine - Getting To Know Your Dashboard

First of all, thank you for purchasing the Video Sales Machine. We hope that with through this product, you would be able to drive more sales into your video production business.

And to help you get the most of your experience, we would like to introduce key features of your dashboard. Our aim is to help you navigate around so you'll be able to get the resources you need quickly.

I - Once logged-in to the member site, you'll be directed to the screen below. Click on the "Products" and choose "Video Sales Machine":


II -  You'll see 7 menus: Introduction, Tutorials, Main Downloads, Video Sales Machine Upgrade Package, Video Sales Machine Training, Bonuses, Webinar Replays


You can also see the "Quick Start Guide" download. It's important that you download our guide since it has the necessary product guideline. Below The Quick Start Guide is a link to a free trial account for PowerPoint 2013/2010 -- in case you don't have one:


IV - The Introduction menu consists of the same contents you saw before:



V - Tutorials section will have all the lessons you need to help maximize your investment.

VI -
Downloads section consists of your main package and the webinar tutorial:

VII - The Video Sales Machine Upgrade Package consists of the main package plus the upgrade(s) you purchased. We combined both product in a zipped file so you can download them as one:



VII - The next menu is The Video Sales Machine Training. This training allows you to effectively market your services through SEO and online marketing.



VIII - The Bonuses menu features all the downloadable freebies we're planning to send to you. We're fine tuning this menu as of the moment. But you can check on it after the launch date.


IX -  The Webinar Replays menu includes all the supporting webinars that we prepared so you won't miss any tutorials, updates and promos.












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